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Built in 1995 by:

Founded in 1995 by:

Nicole Ottawa


۱۹۸۵-۱۹۹۳ Scientific studies of biology within the “Free University or college Berlin” amount as Dipl. Biol.
1993-1994 Internship at the Institute for technological digital photography, M. Kage
1994 Training course in electron microscopy, College of Munster

۱۹۸۵-۱۹۹۳ pay for papers Examine of Biology within the “Free of charge University Berlin” together with the bottom line Biologist
1993-1994 internship in the Institute for Medical Picture taking, M. Kage
1994 program for scanning electron microscopy, Institution of Muenster

Oliver Meckes


۱۹۷۶ initially acquaintances with microscopy and photography
1983-1985 Professional Training as shooter, commencing under the water photography
1986-1989 internship like a professional photographer and mini
1989-1994 Research shooter with the Institution for controlled pictures, M. Kage

۱۹۷۶ first friends with microscopy and photography
1983-1985 training to be a photo snapper, start under water photography and macro digital photography
1986-1989 internship like a professional photographer and small
1989 to 1,994 scientific digital photographer on the Institution for Medical Taking photos, M. Kage



Scanning Electron Microscopes

Lightweight Microscopy

Nikon Eclipse 800 lab microscope with plan apo-chromatic brightfield, lenses, polarization and darkfield differential interference distinction and self-manufactured extensions. It might be put together with unique high-end camera methods for photography and video.

Zeiss microscope photography with organized and planapochromatic optics approximately 1,000x magnification; scarce interference comparison “Jamin Lebedeff. “

Nikon Eclipse 800 microscope lab with planapochromatic brightfield, darkfield, polarization and lenses differential interference comparison and Do it yourself extensions. Mixed with several high-end camera techniques for video and photography.

Zeiss picture microscope designed with program and planapochromatischer optics to 1.000x final magnification; with all the exceptional disturbance comparison for “Jamin Lebedeff. “

Specimen Planning

Stereo system microscopes for sample prep work, best tweezers, fine needles, hairs to use the specimen. Compounds for dehydration and fixation. For your essential tone imaging in the SEM pictures quite a few highly effective computers have been in use.

Stereo system microscopes for trial preparation, the best possible Pinzellen, needles and hair for small sample positioning. Chemical substances for dehydration and fixation. More efficient laptops or computers will be in use. To the expected tone picture handling of SEM pictures


Prep lab for checking electron microscopy with crucial factor drying out device and sputter coating with yellow gold or palladium covering. Many gear for lowering, mincing or etching of technical free samples. Incubator for bacteria and cells, autoclave.

Preparing Laboratory for scanning electron microscopy with important factor drying system and plasma metallic finish with gold and palladium goal. Different equipment for slicing, crushing or etching of design free samples.

Under water Photography

Seacam Under the sea Lodging, provided with dome and macro-ports, Including Nikon D750 digicam with 15mm, 1735mm and 60mm, 105mm contact lenses. Quite a few Subtronic flashes and Hartenberger substantial potential Driven light fixture. Self Created phosphorescent equipment with filter systems for flash and camera.

Seacam under the sea housing with dome and Macro plug-ins equipped with Nikon D750 SLR 15mm, 17-35mm, 60mm, 105mm contact lenses. Various Subtronic under the water flashes, Hartenberger significant-electrical power Guided lighting. DIY products to flash and camera for fluorescence digital photography.

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